Do you know how much air conditioning is sufficient?

1 In refrigeration engineering, one of the first issues that any technician must grasp is how much is enough air conditioner? How much gas is required for each type of air conditioner to be able to maintain the machine effectively.
2 How much is the air conditioning charge?
3 How much gas is charged for each type of air conditioner?
4 How to charge r410a to air conditioner
5 How much is r410a gas loaded?

In refrigeration engineering, one of the first issues that any technician must grasp is how much gas is enough? How much gas is required for each type of air conditioner to be able to maintain the machine effectively.

In modern life, air conditioning is not too strange for users. Almost every family has an air conditioner. However, not all customers know how to take care of air conditioning. Let’s – Specialized website of manufacturer of refrigeration supplies answers the question of how much is enough for air conditioner in the article below!

How much to charge air conditioner?

Before coming to the problem of charging gas for air conditioning how much money, we need to understand what is air conditioning gas? Including what types? When to refill gas? Advantages and disadvantages of each type, … so that you find the type of gas to suit the machine and the family’s affordable.

Refrigerated gas exists as a liquefied gas. When the air conditioner operates, the gas in the machine will be condensed into liquid, continuously evaporating inside the system. From there, create cold air spread out into space.

And when using an air conditioner, how much gas is enough is the question that you need to be concerned about, especially when you want to use the air conditioner for a long time. When the machine has a problem with gas leaking air conditioner, it is necessary to add more gas to maintain stability for the machine.

The specifications of the air-conditioned gas are clearly stated on the label of the air-conditioner stamp or in the product user manual. The user or the warranty technician should be familiar with these parameters.

Nạp gas cho máy lạnh hết bao nhiêu tiền luôn là vấn đề nhiều người quan tâm. 

How much air conditioner is enough for each type of machine

All reputable air conditioner brands such as Toshiba, Nagakawa, Daikin, Panasonic … have been pre-loaded with a sufficient amount of gas to allow the air conditioner to operate for a while after installation. Depending on the type of air conditioner capacity and each brand that air conditioner varies.

If installing the right technique for quantifying how much air conditioning is sufficient, when using maintenance and good maintenance, the refrigeration gas will be difficult to lose and do not need additional. In the unlikely event, if the gas leaks out or is missing during the initial installation, the connectors are not completely sealed, we need to find the leaked position and proceed to fill the air with gas.

Reference parameters of standard gas of some R22 gas machines are loaded:

– Máy 1.0 Hp, 9.000BTU: 0.85kg ~ 850 gram

– Máy 1.5 Hp, 12.000 BTU: 1.15kg ~ 1150 gram.

– Máy 2.0 Hp, 18.000 BTU: 1.3kg ~ 1.300 gram.

– Máy 2.5 HP, 24.000 BTU: 1.9kg ~ 1.900 gram.

Mỗi dòng máy lạnh khác nhau sẽ cần lượng gas không giống nhau vì thế khi nạp gas cho máy lạnh các bạn nên lưu ý đến dòng máy điều hòa nhà mình đang sử dụng nhé.

How to recharge r410a for air conditioning

Gas R410A is a mixture of non-boiling Freon, including 50% R125 and 50% R32. Inverter air conditioner mostly use this gas. Based on the R410A condensation and pressure, the need for thick copper pipes as well as knowing how much air-con gas is needed is enough not to cause an explosion.

Step 1: Check the amount of gas in the machine

Use a screwdriver to remove the entire air-conditioner cover, then open the top of the screw feeder with the wrench. Connect the meter wire to the gas inlet valve section, the remaining wire screwed into the gas bottle to measure how much gas pressure in the air conditioner is now. Next, check the cold duct.

Step 2: Vacuum

Vacuuming helps to avoid having many different gas mixtures with gas mixed into the system. Meanwhile, low-pressure meter, we proceed to lock the valve as well as turn off the vacuum to within 30-60 minutes. By the time the needle reached the zero mark of the watch, the system was free of impurities, completely a closed system.

Step 3: You can start the process of filling gas as instructed below. In the condition of not confident or never done, you can ask a qualified person.

Khi máy lạnh sắp hết gas, hệ thống sẽ cảnh báo cho người sử dụng biết. Khi đó, hãy liên hệ ngay dịch vụ sửa chữa điện lạnh để nạp gas điều hòa tại nhà, tránh các hư hỏng khác phát sinh.

How much is r410a gas loaded?

Also need to know how much air conditioning is enough to carry r410a gas for accuracy. When filling gas, leave the valve locked at the meter to a limit of 250 psi and then close it. You only need to open the gas valve in the meter for 15-20 seconds and then immediately lock it. Check the meter until the air conditioner in the parameter is equal to the air conditioner in the flat meter.

When done, should lower the temperature of the air conditioner to about 17 degrees Celsius, if the weather is too cold outside, the maintenance technician must use a way for the compressor to work, the evaporator will fan at a rate depending on the environment. specific school. Depending on the power of the machine, please check again when the machine is working.

Whether charging gas for new inverter technology, especially Japanese air conditioners is not an easy task, but if you comply with the regulations and technical standards, the gas charging for How much is the air-conditioner or air conditioner norm for refilling will not be too difficult.

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