Tube normal insulation

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T – Da x bT – B – T1



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General information :

ATATA Tube normal insulation :   T – Da x bT – B – T1

  1. Describe : 

– Has a closed cell structure (close cell)

– Low thermal conductivity of the product – high level of insulation

– Construction, easy installation and high durability, no waste.

– Do not generate dust, fibers, odors during transportation or use

– Good fire and smoke resistance.

     2. Application

– Using insulation for copper pipes, gas of air conditioners

– Insulation for condenser water pipes

– Use for hot water pipes

– Use in soundproofing applications, sport handles, handrails, etc.

    3. Spec :

– Diametter : To  D6mm – D140mm

– Thickness: To 5mm –  50mm

– Length: 1,83m/pcs

– We receive production – processing according to customer requirements

   4. Specifications

– Thermal conductivity : 0.034W/mK@ 0 độ C

– Density : 70-100 kg/m3

– Fireproof grade : UL94 ; ASTM D635 ; Class B1

Product details:




ATATA rubber foam


Density ( kg/m3)

ISO 854:1998

70  – 100 kg/m3


Thermal Conductivity λ°F (W/mK)

Mean temperature

JIS A1412
DIN 52613

-4° F
(-20 °C)

32° F
(0 °C)

76° F
(24 °C)

90° F
(32 °C)











Fireproof grade


HB ( swan -plant noncombustile)


V-0 (Tự dập tắt lửa -fire self extinguishing)

BS 476 Part7

Class 2/ Class 1/ Class 0

BS 476 Part6

Class 2/ Class 1/ Class 0



Adhesion of paper-based adhesive film

TCVN 5820:1994

      Glue stays good at temperature

60° C và 100 hours

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2 reviews for Tube normal insulation

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