D/S Reflective Aluminum Foil insulation

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Hỗ trợ trực tuyến:

Decription & application:

Flame -Retardant Utility Grade D/S Foil insulation. It is made from 2 outer layers of pure aluminum foil and 1 layer natural Kraft paper. These layers are bonded together with F/R Glue and reinforced with 3- way fiberglass scrim. It is ideally used as sarking and insulation under roofs, in walls behind cladding or under timber floors, for resisdential and commercial building. Combining with glasswool/ rockwool/ Mineral wool/ foam insulation, it is excellent as a vapor barrier and reflective foil insulation for air – conditioning ducts, pipes and vessels.

Technical data product:

Physical Properties  Test Method Value (Eng)
Basic weight  scale 22.5 lbs/1000 ft2
Permeance ( WVTR) ASTM E96; Procedure A 0.02 perm
Tensile Strength – MD ASTM D828 35.2 lbs/ln
Tensile Strength – XD ASTM D828 14.8 lbs/ln
Burst Strength ASTM D774 52.2 psi
Low Temperature Resistance ASTM D1790 Remains Flexible / No Delamination
High Temperature Resistance ASTM D1790 Remains Flexible / No Delamination


The data above are typical values only ; and should not be used for specifications purpose.
The products should be stored at room temperature, kept away from wet and heat source.
The users should take test and do trial – application on the above products before coming into application so to witness and ensure suitability for their special purpose and technique.


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