Gasket Duct Tape – EVA

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EVA – Wa x bT – 10mL



Hotline : 0913.554.030

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ATATA duct seals are specially designed to seal duct connections, eliminating the risk of air leaks through joints.

Superior compressive resistance, no deformation during operation, maintain stable and long-lasting function.

ATATA duct seals are available as pre-cut rolls of various sizes to suit all duct flange standards. Manufactured from foam rubber materials meeting the fire protection standards, with physical cross-linking, the absolute sealed structure helps to completely prevent the penetration of liquids and moisture, extending the life of the product. .

Built-in glue in factory, specially designed can be used in many different temperature conditions, saving maximum costs and time during installation.


EVA ingredients
Density 60-100 kg / m3
5mm thickness
Length and width According to customer requirements
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.036 W / m.K
Fire protection standards ASTM E84, ASTM D6435, BS 476 part7, UL 9
Acrylic adhesive and basic solvent
Silicone paper liner
Traction force, compression ≥3-6H
Adhesion to the shell kg / 25mm 1.6 ± 0.2kg
Operating temperature range = -20 ° C – + 110 ° C

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Văn Phòng: B5-20, KĐT Vinhomes Gardenia, Đ. Hàm Nghi, Mỹ Đình, Hà Nội.
Tel:  +84-243.200.9152               —    Hotline : 0904 698 379
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1 review for Gasket Duct Tape – EVA

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