NBR Rubber Tape ( Antistatic, oil resistant)

Hotline : 0913.554.030

Hỗ trợ trực tuyến:


-The product has good electrical insulation ability, breakdown voltage up to 35kV
-Adhesive tape easily adheres and firmly adheres to the surface of the product.
-Easy to dismantle without leaving any sticky marks on the product.
-Good waterproof ability
-Young rubber has high stability, low thermal conductivity.
-Young rubber has the toughness that other types of adhesive tape are hard to get.
-The surface is not flat but has good impact resistance, flexible use in different areas.
-Physical and electronic properties are not affected by the degree of tension.
-Compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulation
-The color is quite diverse: White, blue, born in, yellow…
-Has good heat resistance, resistant to moisture and steam a lot with a tropical monsoon country like our country so it can be completely assured to use in any environment and terrain.
– NBR rubber can be used in oil and max temperature upto 110 degree C.

Application :

– Used for waterproofing of base station communication equipment, antennas, and peep line joints.
– Waterproof protection seals on overhead insulation.
– To repair the outer sheath of the cable.
– Used to protect the coupling of two cables, protect the connector, protect the Feeder and Jumper couplings from environmental influences.



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