PU Foam Soundproof – Pyramid

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Hỗ trợ trực tuyến:

1. General introduction:

PU foam sound absorption foam is made from professional sound-grade polyurethane foam, firm foam density, designed surface shapes: eggshell; form of fillings; pyramid shape … with an increased surface area, creating the best sound absorption performance. Complex panels absorb sound produced at low, mid and high frequencies, making them perfect for recording or listening in an external environment.

Features and benefits :

Material is light weight, density 18-32kg / m3, can be mounted on many surfaces.

Easy to install and create design cubes with so many specific sizes.

Safe for use in clean rooms, medical equipment environments and computers.

Application :

Recording studio, studio, theater, cinema, dance hall


Width: 500mm

Length: 500mm

Thickness: 46mm

Colors: Mouse hair color; lemon yellow

Technical data:Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.034W / mK at 0 degrees Celsius;Sound absorption coefficient: 25-50mmT at 0.62 -0.91

Tiêu âmtieu am ; tiêu âm sọt trứngtiêu âm xốp trứng ; vật liệu cách âmtiêu âm máy phát điệntiêu âm quạt công nghiệp ; tiêu âm ống giótiêu âm phòng máy ; cách âm tườngcách âm trầncách âm sàn ; cách âm phòng thu ; cách âm phòng hátcách âm quán barcách âm ; tiêu âm hộp giómút tiêu âm hột gàmút foam tiêu âmmút xốp tiêu âmmút sọt trứngmút xốp tiêu âm




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