Advice on sound-proofing ceilings

I am now on the first floor, on the second floor are my brothers and sisters and my two young nephews. Children often play with noise on the ceiling. Thanks to the editorial staff for advice, is there any way to reduce the noise from the second floor? I also made a plaster ceiling but it didn’t work. (Vu Ngoc Van)


Normally to reduce noise for the ceiling, to create a space for sound absorption by making plasterboard or plastic ceiling … However, to be effective, the ceiling must be flat and the plaster ceiling is only for nature. Decorative, not tight, can not reduce the noise.

We do not know if your house has been previously treated with flat ceilings carefully glued with glue, if done well, the sound volume will be significantly reduced. In case your house has already processed the ceiling but still not effective, you can handle it further by making a wooden floor and lining a layer of anti-vibration rubber, reducing noise for the upper floor.

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